From Shareen Anderson:

I’m a documentary filmmaker based in New York City and back in 2001, I started to work on a film about my grandmother, Varene Anderson, and her passion for square dancing. She started the first national square dancing convention in Riverside, California together with my grandfather and two other couples. While filming her story, I began to discover the fascinating world of square dancing, and the wonderful people who are involved. My film came to a standstill when my grandmother died, but I’m now back on the project and plan to finish it at the end of the year. My goal is to put it on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video websites (free of charge). As I don’t plan to make any money from selling it, I’m trying to raise funds for editing. I’ve cut a fundraising trailer and have created a funding page on It’s an easy way for individuals to donate to a project. They can donate as little as $1, so there’s no pressure to donate a lot of money. What I need is help getting the word out to square dancers and callers so they can take a look and decide if it’s something they would like to support.
If you click here, you’ll find my fundraising video:
Here, you’ll find the project on my website:
You’ll be able to read about me and my past films on my website:
Please feel free to share these links with others. It would be very helpful if you’re able to send an email about my film to the community. Even if people are not able to donate, making them aware of the project would mean a lot to me.
Thanks again, and kind regards,
Shareen Anderson

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