Current Patterns

     These are all patterns that are available at local fabric stores or through the company web sites. This site does not sell any of these patterns nor does it receive any money from these companies. I have selected these patterns as ones that can be adapted to square, round and folk dance costumes.

     There are many factors to be considered when selecting a pattern. The most important is movement. You will be raising your arms and moving in this outfit. Arm scyes need to be tight up under the arm. Kimono, dolman and batwing sleeves will cause the blouse to pull out at the waist. Also when he puts his arm around you to swing the excess material can get caught. 

     The second factor is the neckline, which also involves movement. A lower neck line may be fine when you are standing still but a disaster when you Star Thru. Before going to a dance standing front of the mirror and raise each arm as high as you can, then both arms together. Watch the neck line for gaps. Stay away from wrap and cross over styles. They are not secure enough for dancing.

     Always make a practice blouse from some inexpensive fabric to check the fit before cutting into your good stuff. Choose a fabric that you like for your test garment so if it comes out alright you have a new blouse. If it comes out all wrong get rid of it.

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Promenade Patterns has some of the old patterns available on their web site. Click on the banner for their web site.