Beaded Neck Kerchief

An easy project that adds a western touch. Dresses up a plain top to coordinate with the skirt.

Materials                                                                              Bandana kerchief

1.  one bandana or square of fabric 22 x 22 inches

2.  about 60 pony size beads These beads have a large hole that the fabric can fit through.  Don't use too many beads or the kerchief will be heavy.


1. Fold the bandana diagonally in half, right sides together. Bandanas are not always perfectly square. Try to match the edges as close as possible but don't worry about it. 

2. Measure down 3 inches from the fold and mark six inches in from the edge.  Then mark six inches straight down to the edge. Stitch ¼ inch above the cut parallel to the fold. Turn the bandana right side out.

3. Press the diagonal edge. Fold this edge over 1 ½ inches so that the tie ends are folded in half. Stitch along the lower edge of the ties to keep the fold in place.

4. Cut up 5 inches from the bottom edge to make the fringe. These cuts should be ¾ to 1 inch wide. Don't worry about the sides of the fringe. These cuts are on the bias so the fabric won't ravel.

5. String pony size bread on each of the fringes. A small crochet hook can be used to pull the fringe through the beads. Tie a knot at the end of the fringe. In the picture on this page two fringes were pulled through each set of beads. The fringes can be separated and each set beaded. Don't use too many beads or the bandana will become very heavy.

6. Tie the scarf loosely around the neck with the beads in front.