Crinkled Broomstick Skirt

     The crinkled broomstick skirt is usually made prairie length. This is a great skirt for travel because it packs easily anP1010806d is perfect when you take it out of the luggage. This skirt looks best if it is more generously cut. The crinkles make it fit the figure more closely and extra fabric will keep it from cupping under the fanny.


1. Calculations to make a three tiered prairie skirt. Make this skirt two inches longer than the usual length. The fabric will shrink and the crinkles will take up some of the length. Put the extra length in the bottom tier and it can be adjust later.(see Basic Calculations)

2. Rayon fabric -Do not pre wash this fabric. It will wrinkle and have to be presses before cutting.  It can be all rayon or a rayon blend - rayon wrinkles more than any other fabric

3. string or twine

4. a microwave oven


1. Make the skirt according to the instructions. Warning -Be sure to cut off the salvage edges during construction. The salvage edges will shrink and pucker. Rayon salvages shrink more than other fabrics. Just zig zag on the hem edge to keep it from raveling. Don't put the hem in until after it is washed.

2. Do not put the elastic in the waist band until after the crinkling is complete. Do not use pleater/smocking elastic. The microwave will cook the elastic and ruin it.

3. Do not use fish line or nylon horse hair braid in the construction.

4. After the skirt is made wash it in hot water and detergent. You may want to wash it alone incase it bleeds.

5. Take the skirt out of the washer. Fold the skirt lengthwise several times. Have one person hold the waist band and the other person hold the hem. Twist the fabric in opposite directions until it doubles back on its self and is a tight ball.

6. WrP1010804ap the ball with the string to keep it tight.

7. Place the skirt in the microwave and cook it about 3-5 minutes until it steams.

8. Set it aside and let it cool.

9. The untwist it and re-twist it so that the damp parts are on the outside.

10. Microwave it again until it steams.

11. Let it cool and untwist it. Hang it up to let the last of the damp spots dry out. If it is not crinkled enough, twist it up again and microwave it some more. 

12. When it is done, insert the elastic and adjust the hem. Rolled hems work well for this style.

13. Wash the skirt in cold water and hang to dry. Usually the crinkles will stay in place. If it needs to be  re-crinkled just twist and microwave again.

14. To pack for a trip, twist the skirt and stuff it in the bag. Shake it out when you get there and it's ready to go.

15. It is best to wear a slip under this skirt because it tends to cling to the lines of the body.