Swinging Skirts

    When most people think of square dancing they think of our fancy flying skirts. Why bother to swing and spin if you don't have a pretty skirt to show off? Many ladies think that wide skirts will make them look fat. The truth is that they define your waist line and hide the hip line. When you spin they flare out and add a graceful accent to your moves. Have you ever looked down on a square or round dance from a balcony? The sight of the spinning skirts and colorful shirts as they follow the caller form a kaleidoscope of color. As the dancers weave through the maneuvers the patterns form and re-form. Square dance clothes are for the fun of it. Get wild and and wear the colors and prints that your would never wear anyplace else. 

If you dress like a square dancer,
               your feel like a square dancer. 

If you feel like a square dancer,
               you are a square dancer.