McCall's Patterns

Patterns for Square Dance Outfit

Many stitchers have stated that they can't find patterns for square and round dance outfits. The problem is that they are looking for square and round dance outfits. There are a  lot of patterns out there that can be made into dance dresses and blouses. These are McCalls® Patterns from their web site. You can buy them at you local fabric store or on line. The key to any pattern is to make it out of inexpensive yardage to see if it fits and to see if you like the lines before cutting into your good stuff. 

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M7500 05

McCalls 7500

If she isn’t going to a square dance? Where is she going?

M6891 07

McCall 6891


McCalls 7284



M6044 McCalls 6044 One of the few western shirts 


McCalls 7097 - This is a very easy pattern. Once  you get  your hands on it you will see the design possibilities. Fuller skirts and waist lines that are in the waist are coming back in style.



                  McCalls 6750                                                 McCalls 7095


 McCalls 7084                                                  

McCalls 6437                        M6437

M6076     McCalls 6076                        

M5050                      McCalls 5050          

McCalls 5640 Plus SizeM5640

M2718 McCalls 2718 This is a fitting shell for those who want to learn how to make alterations and do pattern fitting.