Hobo Bag

This is the perfect accessory for the Bandana Prairie Skirt.



1.   Two bandanas - about 22 x 22 inches

2.   The lid from a large bucket of ice cream

3.  Two pieces of smooth thin cord 50 inches long for draw strings


1.  Cut the raised rim from the ice cream lid.

2.  Iron the bandanas in fourths. This will locate the exact middle of the fabric which may not be the middle of the print.

3.  Pin the bandanas together so that the corners form an eight point star. Use the point where the creases cross to center the fabric.

4.  Slide the ice cream lid between the two bandanas. Use the creases to center the plastic. Pin around the edges to hold it in place. With the zipper foot, stitch around the lid.

5.  Draw a circle on the bandanas that is 21 inches in diameter. This can be done with a compass but the easiest way is to trace around a pizza pan or other large round object. Sew completely around this circle

6. Sew an other circle ½ inch to the outside of the first circle. Leave two gaps on opposite sides of the circle, about one inch long each. Back stitch on both sides of the gaps.

7.  Work one of the pieces of cord around the between the stitching. Going in and out  of the same gap. Tie the ends of the cord together and add a tassel if you want. Work the other piece of cord in and out through the other gap and finish it in the same way. When you pull on the cords they will pull against each other and close the bag.