Creative Resolutions

     I will use my creative skills to help some one less fortunate. It does not have to be a big project like a quilt. Baby bibs for the crisis nursery, soft fleece hats for cancer patients, or scarfs for the homeless shelter. There is some little thing that I can do for others.

     Sewing is my time. I do it because I like to be creative. No other reason is necessary. If the sewing is not going well I will not force myself to sew. I will take a break. I will put that project back in the box and work on something else. I will try not to sew with a deadline because I do not need the stress. 

Terminology is very important in sewing. I do not have a ‘fabric stash’. That sounds as if I am trying to hide something. I have a ‘fabric collection’. Always remember that she who dies with the most fabric wins. I will remove the words ‘mending and patching’ from my vocabulary. From now on they will be referred to as custom alterations and design modifications.

My sewing machine will go into the shop for a cleaning and overhaul every 3-4 years. If I sew a lot it will be every year. I will oil and clean my machine frequently. When vacuuming the sewing room I will vacuum the machine.

All of my scissors will go in for sharpening at least once a year. I will have different types of scissors for different tasks. My scissor will only be used on cloth and pattern paper. If I use rotary cutters I will change the blades frequently and take care of my mat and rulers.

Basic sewing supplies will be always on hand so that I do not have to stop when things are going well to run to the store. Thread, in frequently used colors, elastic, is basic sizes and an assortment of interfacings will always be in my sewing supplies.

Any pins that are bent, seem a little blunt or snag the fabric will be put directly into a sharps container. Pins do not last forever and I will not snag my fine fabric with old dull pins. I will not put the pins or broken needles in the trash because someone could get hurt if they put their hand in the trash. All sharp objects will go in a small plastic container with a lid. When it gets full I will tape the lid down and throw it away.

The needles in my machine will be changed frequently. The right size needles for the project will always be used. I will not buy cheap needles, they snag the fabric and make bigger holes.

Seam rippers do not last forever. I will buy a new one every year. Dull seam rippers pull instead of cut. This will stretch the fabric and can cause holes. there are new styles of seam rippers with replaceable blades that do a much better job.

I will go through all of those scraps that I have been saving for years. If I have not made a quilt by now I never will. Besides, there are not enough scraps of any one kind to make a quilt. I will bring those scraps to an ASG meeting and donate them to the community service project box. - - Then I will have more space for new fabric.

The local library has books on sewing. I will learn and try a new technique. I will purchase a new tool. I will take a class. I will watch sewing shows on TV or record them so that I can try the ideas that interest me.

I will share my knowledge with a child. I will get them started on the creative process that is sewing. A sewing box for a child is easy to make. Some pretty scraps, a few pieces of lace and a bit of ribbon could become a doll dress. I will empower them to make something unique.