Pettipants Shoe Tote

This is a quick project that can be made from scraps. Make one for every pair of shoes or for gifts.                                                                       

                                                                    Shoe totes


1.   Pattern paper 16 x 16 inches

2.   Fabric to cut two of pattern 

3.   As much lace as you want                                                    

4.   2 pieces of cord or ribbon  at  least 26 “ long for the pull ties                 

5.   2 short pieces of cord                                                                


1. Make the pattern, following the diagram,and cut two of fabric.

2.   Sew lace across the leg area, starting one inch above the bottom edge.

3.   Place the pieces right sides together  and sew a half inch seam from the top down and around the curve to the edge. Do not leave a space at the top.

4.   Refold the tote with the seams together making legs. Sew the leg seams. 

5.   Press both seams open. Tuck 2 inch long strips of fuse webbing under the seam allowances at the top edge and press. This keeps the seam allowances flat when the ties are inserted and reinforces the openings.

6.   Fold the top (waist) of the pettipants over one inch and stitch all of the way around 3/4 inch down from the top to make a tunnel for the ties.

7.   Make bar tacks over the seam line at the edge and stitching line of the tunnel on both the front and back seams. With a seam ripper pick open the the seam between the bar tacks on the right side (outside) of the tote.               

8.   Insert one of the long ties in the front opening and work it all the way around until it comes out the same opening. Tie the ends together.  Repeat with the back seam. When the ties are pulled against each other to shut the tote. 

9.   Make a one half inch wide tunnel around the bottom of the legs.  Insert some cord and pull it tight. Tie a knot and work the knot inside the tunnel.

10.   Now that you have the basic idea, you can vary the pattern to suit yourself. Add a ruffle around the bottom or use ribbon instead of lace.