Hold It All Hanger

This is a simple little project that you might find useful for keeping all the elements of your ensemble together.  It will also keep the shoulders of your blouse or dress from sliding off of the hanger. This is very good for traveling.


1.  Pattern Paper                            

2.  one-half yard of fabric

3.  one plastic clothes hanger           

4.  a small amount of iron on interfacing (optional)

5.  a sandwich size plastic bag with a sliding zipper


1.   Make a pattern. Using grid lines on the Pattern Paper make a house shape. The bottom of the house is 18 inches across, the side walls are 9 1/2 inches tall and the center of the roof is 14 inches tall. You will also need a pattern rectangle 12 inches long by 3 inches high. 


2.  Cut out two houses and one rectangle. You can place the bottom of the house on the fold. Use any fabric. This is a great way to use up the last of the fabric from that dress you just made by creating a matching covered hanger.

3.  Draw lines on the rectangle.(see diagram) You can fuse a piece of interfacing on the wrong side of the rectangle to give it more body.

 4.  Place the rectangle on the house, right sides together, with the top corners just peeking over the roof edge (about a quarter inch). Sew around the box on the rectangle, starting on one of the long edges and overlap. 

5.   Cut along the center line of the rectangle. You must clip all the way  into the corners, right up to the stitching line. Turn the rectangle through the opening and press it open. You have just made the window.

6.  Stitch around the window, after you have opened it, about a half inch from the edge. This is a good place to practice some of those fancy stitches.

7.  Take a small plastic bag with a sliding zipper and center it, zipper side at the top, on the right side of the other half of the house.  Stitch it in place with a wide long zigzag. Just sew the edges of the sides and the bottom. 

8.  Fold the top peak of the house down, toward the inside, two inches and stitch a cross it.

9.   Put the right sides of the house together and sew around from the peak fold to the peak fold with a half inch seam. Leave the gap at the top open. The corners of the window frame should be caught in the stitching. This will help keep the window open.

10.   Reach in the window and turn the house right side out. Slide a plastic hanger in the window and work the hook out the gap at the top. The window should be just above the bar of the hanger if it is lower it will sag open. 

11.   Place your matching pettipants in the window along with your pantyhose and belt. In the plastic bag place your special earrings that you wear with this outfit and your hair clip. Everything is in one place, ready to go. The fabric will keep the bodice on the hanger while traveling.

12.   The house can be taller but don’t try to make it shorter or the hanger won't go in through the window. The window must be at least 10 inches long to get the hanger in.