Future Fashion

Start your new year of fashion by investing in one new petticoat. Don’t get basically-boring black or goes-with-everything white. Get your absolutely favorite color in a wild bright shade. Plan your future fashion ensembles to go with this new petticoat. Think of a bold plaid with a stripe of color to match the new slip. Find a flower print with bits of exactly that shade. Consider a contrasting color with belt, beads and lace to match the slip. Purchases of fabric or clothing should be made with a plan.

Future Fashion planning will enable you to have co-ordinated wardrobe, not just a random collection of clothes. Decide exactly what you like and what you want. This is all about you. Clothing that fits well and is in the right color group will make you feel more confident and relaxed in any situation, including the dance floor. Don’t allow your clothing to make you uncomfortable or unsure of yourself. Be confident that all of your clothing is right for you.

Take all of your dance clothes out of the closet and spread them on the bed. Pick up the first item and put it through this three step test.

1.  Can you put it on right this minute? Does it fit you? If you can’t wear it right now, get it out of your closet. Do not allow things to take up space that are not ready to wear. It will not fit better or look better by allowing it to ‘age’ in the back of your closet. Don’t spend your time searching for something to wear. If it is in the closet you should be able to put it on this instant.

2. Do you love it? Have you worn it in the past year? Is is getting old and frayed? If you don’t like it, get rid of it. It will make you feel ugly and uncomfortable and the feeling will be apparent in the way you hold yourself. There are many reasons why we have outfits that are not exactly right. Maybe it was given to us or it was the only thing available. Now is the time to weed out anything that is not wearable. 

3. Is it fixable? What is wrong with it? Can it be shortened or mended or altered? Put it in the repair basket in the sewing area, not back in the closet. If the alterations are going to take longer than you want to invest in that garment get rid of it.

Test all of the other pieces. Be ruthless and get rid of anything that is not great. People usually don’t remember exactly what you wore - they remember the overall impression. You will be much more impressive in one perfect outfit than several different also rans. The objective is quality not quantity.

Once the bad stuff is out of the way there will be space for new garments. Look at what remains as a group. Does that skirt have a blouse to go with it? Do the pieces mix and match? What is needed to finish the ensembles? Don’t just go out and start making or buying stuff. Think about what is needed and where it will be worn. Make sure any new item fits perfectly and is in the right color.

The seasonal system of color works very well. Most of us know which color season we are and what colors are best for us. If you don’t know or understand the seasonal color system look for the book “Color Me Beautiful”. It explains the colors and will help you find the right colors for your skin and hair. You will be happier with your clothing choices if they are in your color season.

By keeping your clothing in one color season you will be able to mix and match pieces very easily. I have heard several people say, “I’m a summer but I can wear some winter colors.” I say “Honey, you can wear pea green with purple spots, but that doesn’t mean it looks good on you!” Why would you wear any thing that is not absolutely perfect for you? If that shade of red makes you look jaundiced, don’t wear it no matter how expensive it was. Know what is best for you and stick to it.

Being a seamstress allows you to create the perfect wardrobe. Make it or alter it, you control what goes on your body. Go snooper shopping at the finest stores. Look at the new styles and ideas. Write down what you like and want to copy. Then head for the fabric shop and make your own version of the best ensembles.

New Year’s Resolution - I will take good care of me. My clothing will fit perfectly. It will make me feel comfortable and confident. I will invest in one perfect piece, rather than several almost right ones. I will plan my future fashion wardrobe.