Concealed Pockets


With the patch type pocket on the skirt a lipstick can bounce out and roll across the dance floor. The inseam pocket’s problem is that some skirts do not have a definite front and back. Others are made circular without seams, and commercially made skirts rarely have a pocket.

This pocket works like a fanny-pack, but it fits under the skirt or under the petticoat. 

1.   seven inch zipper - any color
2.   fabric 8 inches by 16 inches, thin and strong like nylon wind breaker
3.   cord or elastic that will go around your waist and tie


1.   Sew the open end of the zipper shut. Just zig zag across the fabric tape.

2.   Lay the zipper face down on the right side of the fabric at the 8” side. Stitch down the middle of the zipper tape.    


3.   Move the zipper down to the other 8” side of the fabric and stitch down the middle of the zipper tape. You now have a tube of fabric.

4.   Open the zipper. Position the zipper so that it is two inches down from the fold of the tube. Sew the open side of the tube with a half inch seam. Leave a half inch space at the top of the seam near the zipper.

5.   Reach in through the open zipper and turn the pocket right side out.

6.   Thread the elastic or cord in through one side of the pocket and  out through the other fold

7.   Use you zipper foot to sew across the top of the pocket just below the cord. Tie the pocket around your waist under your skirt.