Under It All

     A lady must not reveal all her secrets. To keep things hidden here are instructions for basic Pettipants. There will be other styles of undergarments shown here as soon as I get the instructions finished. Please be patient and check back later. 

     New dancers often think they don't need these special garments. "I never spin like that!" or  "My skirts always stay down!" they say.  A quick Star Thru & California Twirl will show this to be an error. Activities such as helping in the kitchen can imperil modesty.

     Prairie skirt wearers sometimes believe a lowered hem line prevents a display of intimates. This is a false sense of security.  A swing and a bit of breeze can disclose many things. Nylon pants liners and long petti pants made to be worn with culottes can be found in most lingerie stores for a smooth line under slim skirts. Or make your own pantaloons for longer styles.

                                    Put an end to over exposure!     Cover your Derrière!