Sewing Bird

The Sewing  Bird

A Sewing Bird was found in every sewing room when women did all of the sewing at home. The bird works as a third  hand while stitching. The one on the left is a valuable antique. Press on the tale and the beak opens to grasp your fabric. Many were very ornate with pincushions and scissors holders. Some were elaborately gold plated. They were made of wood as well as metal. Look up‘sewing bird’ on line for more images

A third hand makes life easier. I use this sewing clamp from the 1930’s ( on the right) to hold one side of the project while ripping a seam or working with cords. Not as pretty as the antiques, but it holds the fabric tight when I pull against it.  

Make a third hand very quickly and inexpensively. Materials - 3 inch C-clamp, 3 inch bulldog paper clip, thick rubber band or a strong cord.

Loop the rubber band or cord through one of the handles of the bulldog clip.(If put through both, it will pull the handles together.) Then tie to the handle of the C-clamp. Optional - Glue circles of rubbery shelf liner to the ends of the clamp to protect your table.

You will have a new tool that doesn’t take up much room and can be moved easily. Once you use it a few times it will become a great time saver.