Any Size Crochet Sweater

           An easy and quick project for beginner or advanced. It is a good sweater for dancing because you can move in it. Wear it for the first tip until the hall warms up. These sweaters make great raffle prizes.


SIZES:  Small  9-10,   Medium  12-14,   Large  16-18

MATERIALS: Approx. 4 Skeins Worsted weight yarn & Crochet hook H.

GAUGE: 10 double crochet (dc) equals 3 inches & 5 rows equals 3 inches. The gauge is very flexible with this style because it is worked from the top down, so it can be adjusted to fit while it is being made.

YOKE: Starting at the neck edge chain (ch) 64 loosely to measure about 20 inches. Don’t count the loop on the hook. This chain will be the neck line. 

ROW 1: Double crochet (dc) in the 3rd ch from the hook and in each of the next 10 ch. In the 11th  ch work two dc, ch one & work two dc.

This is a double increase

dc in each of the next 8 ch. Work double increase in the 9th. 

dc in each of the next 18 ch. Work double increase in the 19th.

dc in each of the next 8 ch. Work double increase in the 9th.

dc in each of the next 12 ch.

ROW 2: Chain 2, dc in the 2nd dc, dc in each of the next dc until you get to the single chain on the corner. In the single chain work, one double crochet, chain one, and one double crochet. This is a single increase.

Finish the row with single increase on the corners in the single chains.

ROW 3: ch 2, dc in 2nd dc, dc across.  Work double increase on corners.

ROW 4 & all even numbered rows. Work single increase on corners.

ROW 5 & all odd numbered rows.  Work double increase on corners.

SMALL stop after row 12.  Medium after row 14.  Large after row 16. 

BODICE: All sizes. ch 2, dc in the 2nd dc, dc across until you get to the corner. Double crochet in the single chain of this corner and the next corner at the same time. This forms the underarm. Work dc across the back until you get to the next corner. Double crochet in this single chain and the next single chain at the same time. This forms the other underarm. At this point try on the sweater.

If the arm holes are not loose enough take out the work back to the first corner and add more rows until it is the size desired. This way it can be adjusted for different gauges and sizes.

NEXT ROWS: ch 2, dc across. Work the next rows in the same way until you get to waist length. This is a good place to stop for square dance sweaters.

LONG LENGTH: Increase 2 dc, at the under the arm area, every third row, until the sweater is as long as you want. 

SLEEVES: Starting at the underarm, pull a loop through the overlapping chains. Chain 2 , work double crochet around the arm hole. Chain together at underarm.

ROW 2: ch 2, reverse direction, dc around, chain together at underarm

ROW 3: ch 2, reverse direction, skip first dc, dc around, skip last dc. ch together 

ROW 4 & 5: ch 2, reverse direction, dc in all stitches, ch together

ROW 6: work like row 3. Decrease every third row until the sleeves are as long as desired. Reversing direction, at the under arm,  while going around the sleeves makes the pattern come out better and match the sweater body. Cuffs are easy to make, just remember not to decrease in the cuff area.

EDGING: Single crochet, half-double crochet, or shell stitch around the edges if desired.

NOTES:  This quick and easy sweater can be customized to any size. Different types of yarn and different gauges change the look. Try folding back the corners at the neck line to form a lapel and hold them in place with decorative buttons. Working with two colors of sport weight yarn held together and worked as one gives a tweed effect. Or try worsted weight yarn worked together with a different colored crochet thread. Make a special one for each dress. This simple pattern has a lot of possibilities.